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Christmas/New Year's Letter December 2013

Dear Covenant Men:

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas season! 

During the past year we were blessed with a number of opportunities to get together.  We had a great time at Sumner Covenant Church where Jake Kupp, former Husky and NFL football player, spoke at the NPC Annual meeting Men’s breakfast.  In July, Covenant Men again BBQ’d  salmon for the annual Independence Day Family Camp Sunday dinner at Cascades Camp.  In June I was able to spend a week at Alaska Christian College helping to install new carpeting in the dormitory.  We look forward to increasing participation in Alaska missions with the possibility of helping with a triplex in Nome Alaska for KICY Radio as well as a mission trip to Chicago’s Jesus People. Please let us know if you are interested in a work/mission trip.

The Fall Retreat was a great gathering for fun and worship.  We were blessed by the worship team lead by West Hills Covenant of Portland.   John Wenrich, Director of Congregational Vitality for the ECC, inspired us with messages on leadership.  For the first time, we added a counselor who was available to meet and talk with those who wished to do so.  This year we provided additional workshops on Saturday morning including:  Speaker Feedback, Jesus People Ministry, Sharing Christ with your friends, Mountain Men mentoring program, Truly Motivate Transitional Living, Marriage and Family Relationships and  Alaska Missions.  Mark Swenson, Interim Director and Lead Pilot of Mission Aviation Repair Center (MARC) in Soldotna, Alaska represented our featured mission.  An offering of $2,000 was raised for MARC’s summer camping program.  Next year we plan on bringing a representative from KICY Radio in Nome, Alaska.

In Bible Study Fellowship we have been studying how the religious leaders of Jesus day reacted as he went about healing the sick.  The leaders accused him of breaking the law.  Jesus was more interested in helping those in need than in tradition and legalism.  There seems to be a parallel with how many celebrate Christmas.  Lots of lights, glitter and the tradition of gifts but not much about Jesus or helping the poor and the sick.  It is our hope that you will take this opportunity to share, of your abundance, in healing the hurting in our supported Alaska missions this Christmas.  We are providing a donation card so that you might make a gift in support for one or more of these ministries. 

May the love of God, brought into the world in the birth of Christ, grow in your life this year!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, Jim Milton,
President  Covenant Men

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Covenant Men, North Pacific Conference 2013 Donation Card

Name ____________________________ Address __________________________ City, State _________________________ Zip Code _________
Phone # ________________________ Email __________________________ Offering Amount _____________Pledge Amount ______________
Your choice of a one time gift or a pledge:
Covenant Men (General Fund) _____, Covenant Men (NPC Seminary Student Scholarships) _____,   Mission Aviation Repair Center (MARC), Soldotna, AK ____, Amundsen Education Center (AEC), Soldotna, AK____,   KICY Radio – Nome, AK ____, Alaska Christian College (ACC), Soldotna, AK ____.

Please Make Checks Payable to:   North Pacific Covenant Men mail to: Covenant Men, North Pacific Conference, 9311 SE 36th St., Suite #208 Mercer Island, WA. 98040-3741

Report on Scammon Bay, Alaska Mission Projects, Summer 2012

Last winter nearly half the roof of the parsonage for the Scammon Bay Covenant Church ( blew off in a heavy wind storm.  Pastor Jason Stromstad survived the winter in the house with a tarp over the roof.  The North Pacific Conference (NPC) took on the challenge of repairing that roof.  Departing Seattle on August 22, the crew of five men flew to Anchorage and then on to Kenai.  There they meet up with Rob Dillingham and Dustin Hibbards, pilots with Arctic Barnabas Ministries  The group consisted of: NPCAssociate Superintendent Don Robinson (Bethany Covenant, Mt. Vernon),  NPC Board member Thomas Robinson, (Emerald City Bible Fellowship, Seattle);  Pastor Andrey Khilchenko  (City of Rain Covenant Church, Bellevue); Bob Larson (Praise Covenant,  Men’s Group, Tacoma) and NPC Covenant Men President, Jim Milton (Wiley Heights Covenant Church, Yakima).  The flight to Scammon Bay, about 500 miles NW of Anchorage, went from Kenai through Dillingham then Bethel for fuel stops.  As we approached Scammon Bay, we were met with a stiff crosswind, 90-degrees to the runway, requiring Pilot Rob to “crab” (fly in at an angle to the runway) into the wind for a safe landing.  We were met by Pastor Jason and settled into the parsonage and church for supper and a night’s rest.  The next day was stormy so we worked inside and removed some of the paneling to assess the condition of the insulation and walls.   We found significant moisture in the insulation, which we removed, as well as mold on the walls.  The following day weather had improved so we removed the tarp and prepared the roof, which involved installing a “water and ice” barrier.  That night it rained but the roof was then well protected. Sunday was spent in services with the local congregation.   We were especially blessed hearing the joy with which the congregation sang the hymns and native translations.  Several team members took an afternoon hike up the hill to a cross that overlooks the village.  Other highlights were a visit to a village home for a native meal consisting of exotic foods such as crane, swan, moose, and dried salmon in addition to berries with cake for dessert and of course the smiles of the curious children. Monday was the nicest weather of the trip and just perfect for the installation of the metal roofing.  The complete roof was covered that day.  The final day of work consisted of additional securing of the metal sheets, installing a newly fabricated wind screen for the chimney and cleanup.  Reports were for bad weather moving in so Rob made the decision to fly out that evening.  It was a spectacular flight north of Mt. Redoubt, an active volcano, through a pass and down through Big River canyon, lined with snow covered peaks, to the river mouth and across Cook Inlet with a beautiful sunset and a safe landing at the in Kenai airport.  Praise the Lord for a successful trip and safety!  Much was accomplished but more needs to be done to make the parsonage a safe and livable environment for Pastor Jason for the winter.  Additional insulation needs to be removed, walls dried out, disinfected to prevent mold growth, new insulation and paneling reinstalled.  If you would like to be a part of this effort, for the sake of the Scammon Bay Covenant Church ministry to the villagers please contact the Don Robinson at the NPC office or Jim Milton, Covenant Men, 

Covenant Men Board Jim Milton, President

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